OK! So you want to know a little about and PIXLD Media...

1. has recently (June 2017) been launched, with the aim of becoming a reliable & trustworthy source of information regarding THEFT OF or FROM VEHICLES, which includes: 4x4's, Bicycles, Cars, Caravans, Farm Machinery, Land Rovers, Motorcycles, Motorhomes, Plant Equipment, Tools, Trailers, Trucks and Vans. Also reports of MISSING Persons or Animals throughout the United Kingdom & Ireland.

What we would love to see, is you not only sharing your individual reports, pictures and comments - but, also (possibly) offering some sort of support and guidance to other individuals who have recently become victims of these Crimes, or Relatives of Missing Persons (or Pets!) - who may be in need of some advice, kind words or assistance of a sorts..?

2. Whilst we want to be open to everyone (Sensible), with the amount of (lets just say) "idiots" that like or try to ruin it for others, we do have to have what we will call Rules of Engagement. No, it's not a war at all - we're just trying to inject a little humour into proceedings :-) So, please be sure to check-out the Terms of Use - as soon as you possibly have the time.

Please remember too...that you as a User of the online community, can submit a complaint - if you feel that it is justified. We will leave that up to your individual discretion!

3. PIXLD Media is the provider of all facilities associated with our online publishing portals. For any further details - please feel free to Contact Us.